T7200 vs t7600 mac mini

Intel Core Duo T7600 CPU 4M Cache2 33GHz667MHz FSB Scoket 478Dual Core Laptop processor for 945 chip

If it isn't make sure it is. Even though the Mini 1,1 has been upgraded with a supported Core2Duo CPU, Lion still won't run from the "unsupported" Mini model as long as the standard unedited supported models plist file is present. Some have edited the file but most just delete it. We will delete the plist file in the terminal. Open terminal and follow these commands: Type your password and hit enter.

Stayin’ Alive: Upgrading the CPU, Hard Drive, and RAM on a 2006 iMac

The file will be deleted. Turn the mac mini off by hitting the power button on the rear of it. Turn the mac mini on. The mac mini should boot up as normal to OS X Lion. Before doing any software updates have a read through this page of reports as the plist file we removed might be put back by some updates esp. Don't panic if this does occur, you can put it back in target disk mode and use the commands above to remove the plist file again. Sorry if this guide seems very basic to many of you but I wanted to do a step by step for those wondering if they could attempt it.

Put mac mini in Target Disk Mode ref: I've not installed Lion on anything of mine yet. Not anything I really needed in I hesitate to even mention this as maybe not an issue anymore but just a FYI in case any issues are seen after renaming a volume that has 3rd party apps installed. I don't have a second - newer - Mac so using target disk mode wasn't an option.

I ended up making a bootable USB stick by following the instructions in this forum post Sure enough, at the first reboot I got the blocked symbol so I booted from USB again and deleted PlatformSupport. I allowed System Update to apply I had to boot from my Lion installer USB stick to delete that file before the operating system would successfully boot once more. Took basically 12 hours to do but the machine is running great and I was able to update the OS to CPU temp running around 50C.

Followed the guide at www. I think that was due to the upgraded graphics - ATI x with mb of Vram that I ordered with the machine. The speed difference is easily noticeable.

Mac mini processor upgrade question | MacRumors Forums

I think it was a lot easier than what is portrayed on the internet however if someone is a novice and never worked inside say a laptop they will want to avoid the upgrade. Just takes patience and take a lot of pictures to see where every screw and connector goes. One strange think I noticed is the Wifi card had two antenna connectors on it and there was only one antenna so I really don't know if I'm missing a second antenna or there is a difference in the two connectors.

Not sure what card is in this iMac Many cards typically have multiple antennas for MiMo. I didn't get a clear picture of which one of the connectors the antenna had been connected to and after putting it back together the signal reception is half what it had been. Any chance a wire got pinched or disconnected? Unless it's related to some interference? Thanks for a great site I've been visiting your site since you first started back in the 90's. Tough times the last couple years but thankful to still be around. No problems here. Several If the file was restored, original Core Duo mini models would not boot to Lion as it's not in the standard supported models plist.

Per later report above, the Combo I also carried out the mini 1,1 to 2,1 firmware update. First of all I want to point out that I have more than 30 years of experience opening and doing all kinds of stuff with Macs and computers in general, with different levels of difficulty can I manage to solve and achieve my objective without many issues or obstacles I have to say that this procedure IS easy and I found it to be of no difficulty whatsoever especially after reading so many reports on how easy the whole thing is.

More so after opening my Core Solo mini several times to max out the Memory and replace the hard drive for bigger and faster units. Many things kept me from doing it earlier, first of all the mini is not my main computer, neither the most used among my setups of fairly recent Macs.

My main computer, and also the one I heavily upgrade on a constant basis with ease, is a Mac Pro Early that pretty much smokes almost anything out there.

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It rocks. The mini is a utility computer and my first Intel Mac that I keep around for miscellaneous tasks and common everyday use. But still, the Core Solo was too long on the tooth to keep dragging around, so I finally opted for a replacement. I searched for a cheap T but I could not find one. At least one that didn't cost half as much as a used Core 2 Duo mini to justify it.

So a settled for a chump change T 1. And the price was so cheap like it-could-pass-for-free kind of cheap. Moving on.

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Opening the mini was, for me, easy like those jarheads that assemble and disassemble their M14s blindfolded I never did it before so this was uncharted territory for me and frankly did not consider it much of a challenge as I had removed motherboards using similar gizmos. I cut my fingers, bend the metal fins on the heat-sink, slashed my knuckles with the metal fins, sweat like a pig and cursed like a demon on fire.

It took me hours. Damn those plastic pins are hard, small and annoying! I realize that the pins were so old and subjected to heat that they petrified to the point that it was impossible to squeeze them through the holes no matter what.

Max Upgrades and more questions

I was pissed. Almost broke the logic board in anger and jumped to eBay to buy a used old mini, but then I decided to break the damn things and look for replacement alternatives. Temperature is basically the same as before considering the two cores and higher clock speed. One thing that puzzled me, I wanted to install Lion and sampled a test drive by booting it from an external 2.

For this reason I'll put the OS upgrade on hold until I find out what's going on. Upgraded 1. Post OS X Some earlier reports noted updating the firmware to mini 2,1 with 3GB ram support. Another 2. Includes FYI on He's referring to the supported models plist file.

Past notes on that here.

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Did you update to If any C2D updated mini owner tries the It is super easy: Here are the details - the exact process is on page 8. Thanks for a great website. Next step was a firmware upgrade, stepping my Mac Mini 1. I managed to get my hands on a T for 20 Euros, and followed the various upgrade guides available especially the excellent Ifixit tutorial.. The chips were even advertised as being for the mac mini. The various instructions available on the web are a big help but do not adequately address a few things.

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The screw that holds the motherboard down in the front right corner is longer than the other three. I marked this location on the top of the cd drive with permanent marker so I wouldn't lose track. The airport connector is on an annoyingly short cable. When re-installing connect it first before trying to replace the black plastic shroud holding the computer's guts.

When the black plastic shroud is out turn it over and check the fan for dust or problems. Spray it with a can of air to clean dust out and insure the fan spins well. When removing the motherboard, the sticky heat transfer pad beneath the motherboard will hold the board down.

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Use something to gently lever the rear corners forward until they break lose and the board can be lifted out. When reinstalling make sure to wipe the bottom chip down with alcohol so it will re-stick cleanly odds are your fingers touched it when the board was loose. Apple reccommends replacing the transfer pad but unless you have a source you won't be able and will need to reuse it.

Once the board is out, turn it over and use needle nose pliers to carefully squeeze the plastic tips, first one side then the other, while applying slight pressure to pinch the end closed and nudge it under the hole edge then the same to the other side. By doing this carefully you can pop first one of the expanded tips into the hole then the other and the spring tension will immediately pull the pin through. I read a lot of horror stories about people breaking these. They are very similar to the motherboard standoffs used in many pcs but on a much smaller scale.

Being familiar with those from building many pcs, I was able to apply the same methods as removing a pc motherboard from the standoffs. Note the position of the heat sink! If you don't, and this is not documented anywhere I saw, you can install it in the wrong orientation -there is nothing to prevent doing it- because the holes are in a square formation they fit.

And because the heatsink is rectangular the black plastic shroud will not fit back over and you have to disassemble the heat sink again to correct it.

The thing to remember is the heat sink has about a half inch length in one direction and this points towards the back of the case.

t7200 vs t7600 mac mini T7200 vs t7600 mac mini
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