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Granted, if you use Stickies extensively anyway, you may actually know of them already. First off, you may be wondering how exactly Stickies can go beyond the basic function that it has. How can you make this a little easier?

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So how many of you actually slap physical sticky notes on your screen while working on your Mac? I needed a workstation that fits into a tiny niche, but can still accommodate me for many hours every day and let me work Read More.

Creating Sticky Notes | Using Mac OS X Snow Leopard Applications | InformIT

If you use Evernote then having Stickies-like notes to sync is a good option. So, not bad for a few dollars.

I like the option to pin a Sticky note to the screen which comes in handy when I need to refer to something while writing or working. My husband, Nathan, and I have used Macs for nearly 25 years. We're teachers at a private school in Chicago, IL. I'm also the school's resident Mac system administrator, PC troubleshooter, and a diehard Mac diva and iPhone hacker. Read more of my articles here.

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You can also mark the box at the bottom for Prepend enclosing list marker. This feature works with nested list items. It adds a second marker for the type of bullet you choose for the main list. For example, say you use a square for the main list items and a checkmark for the nested items.

How to Transfer Stickies from Mac to Mac on OS X

When you enable this option, your sub-items will be marked with a square before the checkmark. Stickies for Mac are simple reminders you can use for work, personal, or school situations. So, using the list feature is super handy. Do you use the Stickies app for your notes on Mac or do you prefer something else? Create lists in Stickies for Mac Open your Stickies app on Mac and a note will appear on your screen, ready for you to add your items.

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Increase or decrease list levels If you want to create a nested list by adding sub-items, this is easy to do as well. Click the line where you want to indent and press Tab.

stickies mac how to use Stickies mac how to use
stickies mac how to use Stickies mac how to use
stickies mac how to use Stickies mac how to use
stickies mac how to use Stickies mac how to use
stickies mac how to use Stickies mac how to use

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