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Apple Mac users should take a bite out of these awesome games

Apple products rank high in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. When you buy a Mac, there is absolutely no doubt that you are getting a product of the highest quality. It is difficult for Windows Computers to match this level of quality and customer satisfaction due to multiple manufacturers trying to sell Windows computers in multiple configurations. This means that you are better off going for a Mac in case you use an iPhone.

Mac vs. Windows: Which Should You Buy?

The customer support at Apple is consistent, transparent and better compared to Windows Computers. If anything happens to your Mac, you can head straight to the nearest Apple Store in your location and expect support both for hardware and software related problems. Such level of support is not possible in Windows computers due to software coming from Microsoft and hardware being assembled by a variety of PC manufacturers.

The biggest advantage of a Windows PC is its availability at multiple price points. Since, Windows PCs come from different manufacturers in multiple configurations, there is always a Windows Computer that can match your budget. In comparison, Macs are available in limited models and at fixed price points, which you may or may not be able to afford. The second biggest advantage of Windows PC is its productivity software. Most Windows computers come preloaded with Microsoft Office which includes two of the most popular productivity software programs in the world — Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

In case you are a gamer, you have no option but to go for a Windows PC. Windows computers are available in multiple configurations and allow you to choose from various types of Processors, RAM, Storage, Ports, Displays and other options. In general, Windows Computers offer superior hardware at competitive price points. In comparison, Mac users appear to be paying a higher cost for comparatively lower level of hardware. However, it needs to be mentioned that almost every component on an Apple product is optimized for better performance, tweaked to consume less power and generate less heat.

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Accessories for Windows Computers are easy to find and available at competitive prices compared to Macs. This makes Windows computers cheaper to operate and run compared to Macs. It is easy to upgrade, reconfigure and refurbish Windows computers. This aspect of Windows computers appeals to tech savvy users who enjoy such activities. Windows Computers have better backwards compatibility compared to Macs.

For example, it is not uncommon to find 5 to 7 year old Windows computers running the latest version of Windows 10 without any problem.

Get Games from Steam, GOG, and Other Stores

Windows community and user base is larger compared to Macs. This practically means that it is easy to get support and advice for software and hardware related issues for Windows computers. The biggest disadvantage of Macs is that they are expensive compared to PCs. However, as mentioned above, Windows Computers are getting expensive and the gap between MacBook Air and a comparable Windows Laptop is not that much. While you can buy Microsoft Office made for Macs, it is not uncommon to come across users reporting missing features, problems and overall lack of power while using Microsoft Excel on Macs.

In the end it came to wants vs. As for the malicious code, there will always be that risk with a PC.

I stay up to date on my anti-virus software and screen all downloads. I have only had a bad experience once.

The 11 most important differences between Macs and PCs

Windows laptops are certainly workhorses, but I want to find out why MacBook owners love their laptops. However, I really want to see for myself what has affected and infected so many people so strongly. Will I become a Mac convert?

Gaming on a $4,000 iMac VS $1,800 Custom Built PC!

Good luck with that refurbished Dell that you bought. I think that the choice between Mac and PC ultimately boils down to what fits your needs. In this case, the PC fit your needs better than the Mac did. By the way, you can use your phone as a tethered modem with your mac, you just have to connect the phone to the mac via bluetooth. Also, you no longer have to go to suspect sites to get viruses on your PC. Pretty much any web site that sells advertising space creates a possible infection route. Places like expedia and travelocity have sold ads that injected malicious code to your PC computer.

In any case, good luck with your purchase. I went the opposite direction, I switched from a PC to a Mac. My PC ended up getting very slow with virus random things that were put on through the years. I saved for months before purchasing the expensive Macbook pro, that def can scare people away. I do minor video editing for fun and enjoy that software although there is excellent software. For me there were a few reasons, I like the security better on the Mac. I also like the Mac stores, and if I have issues I can set an appt and bring my computer in to get it looked at and updated easier than with a PC.

I can understand that, so I made my decision the best way I could — based on my needs and not what other people say or who screams the loudest. Just kidding. The difference for me was OS X, which I love. Thank you for a well thought out post, most of these come down to why one OS is terrible and the other is better.

Too funny. My wife and I are going through the same dilemma. Be both love the Mac, but for functionality purposes, it just makes too much sense to go with PC sorry Mac. Going through the same thing right now. Vista drives me nuts, but the Apples are easily twice as much … Another thing to consider is lost productivity — I had to reinstall Vista once and I lost a day of work. Also really happy that it still has XP woot. TStrump: Lost productivity is a big issue.

If my only option would have been Vista, I probably would have gone with the MacBook. I would rather avoid it altogether, which is why I went with the Dell one of the few companies still offering XP. I have been using Ubuntu a version of linux that is very easy to use as my operating system for more than 2 years.

PC or Mac? Which is best for me?

Such an option is something more people should consider. The security on Linux and Macs is much stronger than Windows it is not just a matter of more people having Windows — the structure of the Linux operating system is built on a foundation that is more secure. Laptop support has been a drawback limited options but that issue is being addressed and more and more laptops are available for Ubuntu and Linux — From Dell and others.

I have an old laptop that I have thought about wiping clean and installing Ubuntu. The machine is old and pretty slow, but from what I understand, the Ubuntu coding is leaner and more efficient than Microsoft. Our PC was 2. Then, at the beginning of Dec, we won a macbook air in a contest by our power supplier for having e-bill. Our new mac was delivered Dec 23, and I can already say I would never go back to a PC if you paid me a million bucks. The software is amazing. We both have always wanted to get into video making and recording music together and the programs and intuitive and run amazingly well.

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There is a learning curve learning new functions, but if I, a total computer idiot, can have it down in a couple of days, most people should have no problem. We did avoid some of the learning issues since we already used safari for windows on our PC. Christy Congrats on winning the MacBook Air!

But for your needs, the music and video editing, it seems like you got the right computer. Congrats again on winning! Having switched to an iMac a couple years ago, I have to add that your list of desiderata suggests you probably made the right decision.

This tends to slow your speed on both units. The relative freedom from viruses is HUGE. In my book, it totally overwhelms the various Macheadaches. That said, I truly hate Word and Excel for the Mac. Yes, you can build keyboard commands, but the standard Word for PC commands, gawd help us, are system commands for the Mac! Change them at your enormous risk!

mac vs pc gaming comparison Mac vs pc gaming comparison
mac vs pc gaming comparison Mac vs pc gaming comparison
mac vs pc gaming comparison Mac vs pc gaming comparison
mac vs pc gaming comparison Mac vs pc gaming comparison
mac vs pc gaming comparison Mac vs pc gaming comparison
mac vs pc gaming comparison Mac vs pc gaming comparison
mac vs pc gaming comparison Mac vs pc gaming comparison
mac vs pc gaming comparison Mac vs pc gaming comparison

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