Mac mini 2012 performance comparison

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The only technical reason I can think of is that the Haswell dual-core processors use one socket that is, the physical interface between the processor and the logic board while the Haswell quad-core processors use different sockets:. Apple would have to design and build two separate logic boards to accommodate both dual-core and quad-core processors. Other Macs use the same logic board across models, so I wouldn't expect Apple to make an exception for the Mac mini.

Note that this wasn't an issue with the Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors, where both dual- and quad-core processors used the same socket.

Macmini Benchmarks

All things considered, if you're looking for great multi-core performance in a mini say if you're using your Mac mini as a server , I have a hard time recommending the new Mac mini. I would suggest trying to track down a "Late " Mac mini rather than buying a new "Late " Mac mini. Otherwise the improved WiFi, graphics, and single-core performance make the new "Late " Mac mini worth considering. The Mac Mini has some notable improvements.

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Haswell processors. Dual Thunderbolt 2 - 20Gbps each - ports. Faster graphics. It will be a few days before the hardware sites get detailed benchmarks out.

Mac mini review (2012)

But we know that Intel processor performance has been essentially flat for the last 3 generations as they've pursued lower power consumption and greater battery life instead of performance. Not a bad thing, but hardly noticeable in normal usage. The loss of the quad-core will hurt power users.

Mac Mini SSD vs HDD

The quad-core Mini is percent faster than the newest dual-core i5 on parallelizable apps like video, audio and image editing. With dual Thunderbolt 2 ports you can support up to 10 large Thunderbolt arrays - over TB currently and soon to be near a half petabyte - and store thousands Blu-ray movies or many hours of uncompressed HD footage. With the 4k graphics support you could watch those movies on a nice 4k display - well, a by resolution at 30Hz - on your new Mini.

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The CPU? The 1. The GB disk drive will further cripple the user experience. For people most likely to use the low-end Mini the new iPad Air 2 will be faster and easier to use. Way more portable too. The Mac Mini was last updated 2 years ago. The version was the first non-server Mini to offer a quad-core CPU. And maybe it will be the last. That's too bad. While Moore's Law still doubles the number of transistors every couple of years, those transistors aren't much help with performance. Instead, more features are implemented on the chip, reducing costs and power, not adding speed.

Users interested in purchasing the optional Apple remote for home entertainment purposes will be glad to know this unit still features an IR receiver. As much as things change, they seem to stay the same, and that's quite true of this Mac mini refresh. Though a quick glance at its back panel might mislead consumers into believing it's business as usual, there's actually a very significant change at play here -- namely, the addition of high-speed USB 3.

Otherwise, the ports read from left to right exactly as they did on the model: Last year, we criticized the company for not including a Thunderbolt dongle in the box, but that critique apparently fell on deaf ears. Similarly, Apple remains unmoved in its determination to make just one aspect of the Mac mini swappable, and that would be the unit's expandable memory.

Mac mini review ()

Despite the obvious pitfalls associated with HDDs i. The rest is inaccessible unless you're the DIY type, in which case, have at it! However, should you require monstrous amounts of RAM, the mini now supports up to 16GB -- so, there's that to smile about. Consumers with more basic computing needs can opt for the base unit with a dual-core i5 CPU and a GB hard drive.

Since the model Apple shipped us for review is designated as the top-end consumer configuration -- what with its quad-core core i7 and hybrid FusionDrive -- we decided to stress it to the utmost and use it as our daily workstation.

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  6. From a cold boot off the SSD, it took the system 12 seconds to reach the startup screen, which is on par with the MacBook Air last year's Sandy Bridge model, even. What we were more keen to test out was its stamina when stressed with an Engadget editor's daily workload. On any given day, we keep roughly 10 applications running at all times e.

    Our jobs depend on this level of multitasking and we're pleased to say that the mini managed that processor strain with a graceful silence. In all instances but one, the unit remained relatively cool to the touch and surprisingly quiet. The only time we ever heard a peep from it was when we added Steam and Blizzard game downloads to the active processes load.

    Even then, the sound of the whirring fan barely registered above a whisper. On the gaming front, it should go without saying that Macs aren't necessarily the go-to platform for the latest and greatest studio efforts. Indeed, we've noticed incompatibility with most newer titles thanks to Apple's choice of graphics chip, but for the sake of this review we fired up Diablo III to get a sense of how the Intel HD GPU fares.

    With every quality option set to high Texture, Physics, Shadow, etc. Note, we didn't have the time to engage clusters of baddies about 50 to 60 onscreen at a time to truly tap out the system, but with more than a dozen characters onscreen, we observed a frame rate that peaked around 42 fps.

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    Benchmark testing backed up our anecdotal assessment: As you can see in the table above, it yielded average overall Xbench scores of , with an average CPU score of and an average thread score of 1, In Geekbench, meanwhile, it delivered a result of 10, Don't call it an HTPC. Not because we disagree with that moniker, but because Apple vehemently denies its applicability here.

    And, because it still lacks an optical drive and you know how we feel about that. Yet, regardless of what Apple says, we can't shake the feeling that this little box will inevitably make its way into users' living rooms at some point in its life cycle -- it was born this way, people. In fact, this editor couldn't resist the urge to take the mini chez lui and hook it up to a palm-sized 3M projector.

    Using the easily accessible HDMI port, we had no trouble connecting the device to the projector, and mirroring the contents of our external Thunderbolt display. We did, however, encounter Bluetooth audio sync issues with our Jambox, forcing us to depend on the mini's able, but far-from-powerful internal speaker.

    Of course, you can always go the more traditional route and attach it to your HDTV, but if you're aching to make use of that vast DVD library sorry, Blu-ray owners , then prepare to spring for a SuperDrive.

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    Mac mini 2012 performance comparison

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