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Loddonlily macrumors newbie Original poster. Nov 20, 9 3 UK. Hi - newbie here, taking my first steps in the world of MacOs with a new Mac Mini.

Have been reading with some anxiety about the various monitor issues that people have been having and am concerned that it might not be fit for purpose I want to connect it to a 24" x monitor with HDMI - this is working fine. But I also want to connect it to a second monitor, x, with DVI, and this is not working for me. When I say "not working" - it's ok at the login screen stage but as soon as the boot process progresses to where it sets the resolution accurately, I get crazy flashing on the screen.

The image is there, the size I expect, but flashing multiple times a second.

About the Apple Mini DisplayPort adapters

Anyone have any suggestions, or do I need to return this? Aug 11, Cleveland, OH. What is the model of the monitor that is not working? Hi - many thanks for taking the time to respond. Update in case anyone is following this I've spent some time today on to Apple support chat and phone.

The official answer is 1 the machine supports x 2 they don't think mine is broken and 3 after that I'm on my own. Bear in mind that monitor works fine with a windows PC and I've tried two different cables.

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Suggests hidden compatibility issues. Lesson: make no assumptions about what is or is not going to work with this thing Jan 13, 19 17 Portland, OR. Loddonlily said:. Hi - yes, the display preferences did show some other lower resolutions and I did try these, as well as the non-preferred but available resolutions accessed by pressing IIRC Options. The display port that your Mac mini comes with, depending on the model, is bold and italicized in the information that follows.

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Dual Monitor Setup with Apple Mac Mini

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mac mini 2 dvi displays Mac mini 2 dvi displays
mac mini 2 dvi displays Mac mini 2 dvi displays
mac mini 2 dvi displays Mac mini 2 dvi displays
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