Mac dvi to hdmi not working

Connect the Mac’s power adapter

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What could possibly go wrong?

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave the box as it is if you want to use the TV as a second display. Plug the Thunderbolt adapter to your laptop.

Follow the same steps as above to set your TV as the audio source. To do this: Get a Mini DisplayPort adapter. Plug the Mini DisplayPort adapter to your laptop. There are some adapters that do not work with HDMI audio, so you might not hear any sound from your TV after you connected it to your Mac.

How to Hook Your Mac to Your TV Without a DVI Port |

If you encountered this problem, you can work around it by following these troubleshooting tips. To do this: Plug the Thunderbolt adapter to your Mac. LilBob on February 28, at am. A very good explanation and step by step instruction — solved my problem Thanks Reply.

Lil Connor on December 10, at pm. John Anderson on December 13, at am. Kamal on December 14, at am. JAS on March 3, at pm. Now that you have established which port your Mac and display have, you will need to find a cable to connect your Mac to the monitor.

Anyone with a late 2012 Mac mini computer should load this update

This cable doesn't need to be from Apple, but it will need to have the right connections. However, it's likely you will require an adapter if you want to connect to a display that uses VGA or DVI, but before we get onto adapters there's one other thing you will need to consider when buying a cable or an adapter:. You need to check whether the connection on the back of your display has female or male endpoints. The Apple adapters are female, so if the port on the back of your monitor is also female in other words has holes not spikes you will need a male to female adapter.

It's no good trying to hook up your Mac to a monitor if the cable or adapter is to short. Remember you will need enough cable to go from the back of the display to your port on the Mac.

Connect to HDMI from your Mac

You can buy adapters from a number of third parties, and they may well be cheaper than Apple's offerings. However, it appears that since Apple unleashed macOS Sierra some third-party adapters no longer work, so we would recommend that you buy an Apple adapter, or at least one that is sold by Apple. This would include the HD movies found on the iTunes Store.

We can't confirm whetehr it works but it says it's for the MacBook, so we assume it does. However, you may be able to find a cable or adapter on Amazon. Mini DisplayPort features on most Macs and is used to connect to an external display. Dual-link is for DVI displays with resolutions above x There are a number of issues you may experience with your display setup. Here we address some of them. Let us know of any further solutions or problems.

If your adapter is not made by Apple, that might just be the issue here. When you connect your display and your Mac the display should automatically be detected. But what should you do if it isn't? As we explain above, if your adapter is not made by Apple that might just be the issue here.

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If you are using an Apple adapter, try the following:. There is more than one kind of DVI adapter and the likelihood is the one you have is different to the adapter you are using.

Ethernet connection is not connected

For example, you may require space for four analog ports around the flat blade. If your problem is that you have two female or two male connections then the solution is to buy a male-to-female adapter. Cable too small between the two devices? You should be able to hook up your adapter to the screen via a third-party cable. Just make sure it has the correct port type. Theoretically you shouldn't be able to attach a monitor to a USB port, but a few companies have treated this as a technical challenge.

To learn if your Mac is compatible, check out Matrox's Mac compatibility listing , where you'll also learn the maximum possible output resolutions - it's unlikely you'll be able to run all three displays at p, for example.

MacBook Pro fails to connect to TV from Thunderbolt HDMI after OS Update

There are also some no-brand devices on eBay and Amazon that offer the same functions as the Diamond product, and are cheaper to boot - although be sure to check for Mac compatibility. All the above solutions are somewhat hacky. We haven't tested any but we're certain performance won't be as good as with a monitor attached directly.

mac dvi to hdmi not working Mac dvi to hdmi not working
mac dvi to hdmi not working Mac dvi to hdmi not working
mac dvi to hdmi not working Mac dvi to hdmi not working
mac dvi to hdmi not working Mac dvi to hdmi not working
mac dvi to hdmi not working Mac dvi to hdmi not working

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