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In fact, the sawed-off shotgun helped propel the gun-control debate in the s and s, not coincidentally around the same time the NRA began its federal lobbying efforts.

Working with legislators, the organization proposed regulations that actually increased requirements for carrying concealed firearms, in particular machine guns and sawed-off shotguns. At the time, the public was simultaneously enamored with and terrified of the gangsters and bootleggers, who packed automatic weapons under their dapper overcoats.

I do not believe in the general promiscuous toting of guns. I think it should be sharply restricted and only under licenses. Meanwhile, machine gun deaths today are rare. Both the taxation and the ban majorly curbed civilian possession and criminal trafficking. Today the U.

Safe to say demand is not what it used to be. Your move, NRA. Sign in. Get started. After machine-gun massacres in the streets, the NRA compromised on automatic weapons in The fight against and for automatic weapons, courtesy of the NRA. Stephanie Buck Follow. Timeline News in Context. Timeline Follow. See responses 2. Discover Medium. Make Medium yours. Breaking Bad - Season 2. Burn Notice - Season 2. Burn Notice - Season 3. Burn Notice - Season 4.

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    Semi Auto MAC 10

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    fully automatic mac 10 for sale Fully automatic mac 10 for sale
    fully automatic mac 10 for sale Fully automatic mac 10 for sale
    fully automatic mac 10 for sale Fully automatic mac 10 for sale
    fully automatic mac 10 for sale Fully automatic mac 10 for sale
    fully automatic mac 10 for sale Fully automatic mac 10 for sale
    fully automatic mac 10 for sale Fully automatic mac 10 for sale

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