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A Mac is a type of personal computer -- desktop, laptop or tablet PC -- manufactured and marketed by Apple Inc. The chief competitor of Macs are computers that run on the Windows operating system produced by Microsoft Corp. There are literally hundreds of differences between Macs and PCs in their features, components and cost. Apple first introduced the Macintosh computer in It was the first computer to use a graphical user interface that made it easier for users to use programs and devices. Fourteen years later, in , Apple began producing the iMac, which changed the personal computer market because it made it easier to access the Internet, eliminated the then-obsolete 3.

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Apple continued refining the iMac line, which simply became known as the "Mac. Microsoft first introduced the Windows 1. Saving money on the purchase price of a machine isn't going to help your budget in the long run if you're constantly losing hours because your computer is in the repair shop or you're on the phone with technical support.

If you're already familiar with the Macintosh or the Windows operating system, determine the amount of time it will take to transition to a new system. Additionally, consider what type of warranty and technical support each manufacturer offers. Macintosh computers utilize the OS X operating system, while Microsoft Windows is preinstalled on new Windows-based computers.

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Although Boot Camp gives you the option to install Windows on a Macintosh computer and it's possible to use workarounds to run OS X on a Windows machine, doing so can lead to complications with drivers, software applications and peripherals, as well as slower performance. Thus, it's important to consider which interface works best for you — Windows machines allow greater customization, but Macintosh offers a streamlined set of applications. Important hardware to consider includes the processor type, the amount of memory and the hard drive storage space.

These three components determine how fast your computer operates, how many applications you can have open and functional and how much information and data you can store. Other parts to consider include displays, Web cameras, DVD players and port types.

Difference Between Mac and Windows

If you plan to use video conferencing, a camera is essential; if your business involves transferring large amounts of data, high-speed ports are essential. Consider which computer ships with applications you commonly use, so you won't have to spend additional money on software. The Windows-based computers operate on different operating systems which are made by Microsoft, and some of these are: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

These Windows-based operating systems can be used on a variety of PCs which are widely used. Mac computers have a built-in security system and are less prone to attacks by viruses most of which come from the Internet. Mac OS X was designed with security as the top priority, and this was successfully achieved.

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Computers running on Windows do not come with their own security, and one has to purchase antivirus software for protection against viruses which have to be updated everyday to ensure that they can handle the latest virus threats. PCs that run on Windows are widely used, and this is another reason why many viruses are designed to attack them. These viruses cannot attack Macs since the two operate using different file types.

Windows is also more vulnerable to being hacked by other people who may want to access some information from your computer.

Top 10 The Most Important Differences Between Mac and PC

Since Macs are designed around a graphical user interface, they are mostly used for graphics and multimedia services like photo editing, and that explains why Photoshop was first used in Macs. They can also be used for educational purposes since they are easier to use. Windows is widely used for most office functions as it is best suited for office use. Macs are more expensive than Windows for computers with the same specifications.

Switching from PC to Mac is Easy with this Tutorial

The initial costs of Macs are expensive because they come with many built-in features like security systems unlike Windows where you have to purchase the antivirus software separately. Macs also have more applications than Windows, and this also adds to the cost. However, Macs normally give the owners value for their money in the long term since they are usually designed to stay for long and can run the latest software available in the market. Windows PCs that are a bit older cannot run the latest software, and one has to constantly upgrade the hardware or buy a new PC.

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    Differences between mac and pc

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