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Uh oh. One of the problems in photography right now is that the vast majority of camera manufacturers have their own proprietary RAW formats. If you shoot Canon you might have noticed your RAW files end with. Since the DNG format. There are also no license restrictions so camera manufacturers could use DNG as their default RAW format instead of their proprietary format.

They basically contain instructions about how the file should be processed. The DNG format includes a checksum that can detect file corruption.

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With regular RAW files it can be impossible to detect file corruption. Using Lightroom you can convert to DNG right on import. JPEG is already a standard image format that will be compatible far into the future. We shoot in the RAW format Canon. For our portrait sessions we convert all the selects to DNG for archival purposes just the selects, not all the images captured during the session since it does take a bit of time to do the conversion.

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Side Note: Do you convert your images to DNG? Are you interested in learning how to edit your photos in Lightroom 4? Then check out our Super Photo Editing Skills tutorial below. I love all things photography: Bring out the best in your photos with this step by step video guide to using Adobe Lightroom. Become an editing guru in just a few hours, or do it at your own pace.

Good article, I have just begun switching over to DNG from Canon Raw files, and usually do it on import to make the process simpler. For me it seems to take the same amount of time as a regular import. Check out this link for more info http: DNG is a sloppy standard. Moving from Lightroom to Aperture is far from garanteed or is it the opposite and if you keep the data you loose the edits which would be the case with cr2 or nef anyways.

It is not supported by most other raw editors and you can't convert back to raw unless you embed the raw — resulting in a huge file!

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Lastly, in certain case, the ultimate image quality will be possible with the manufacturers software. Thank you for posting. This is the first for me.

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I finally was able to open in Adobe PS Elements Am I doing this right or are there smarter steps to take? Good points about moving between Lightroom and Aperture. It would be nice if the adjustments made in either program were universal. But as you mentioned the same problem exists with. Perhaps further adoption of DNG by camera makers and software developers would spur development of an interoperable DNG standard. Also a good point about not being able to convert back to the original raw format unless you embed the original file. Though I'm not sure what you mean by most other raw editors not supporting DNG.

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So even though you can't convert back to the original raw file your choice of editors is pretty large. Of course it would be an issue if you wanted to use the camera manufacturer's software.

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However, the Lens Corrections panel available in Lightroom has been pretty good so far. Converting to DNG and replacing the original raw file was initially a tough decision to make. It is scary not being able to go back to the original raw. But for our workflow using Lightroom and the future security of our image archive I feel it's been a good decision for us that has been working great. As with any technology issue, I keep looking back once in a while to see what people are talking about. The reason I saw was because something about the file becomes proprietary at that point and the editing software has to know how to handle DNG files created from all of the different RAWs.

My solution: Go back to importing as RAW 2.

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Be less of a paranoid pack rat and delete the rejects 3. Everything else about my workflow backup, archiving, etc will remain, but I think this change will be a better hedge against being stuck with DNGs I might not be able to use later on. As I re-examine this, I think it is a safer bet that Canon will have my back at this point.

I bought into DNG for and openness that does not seem to really be there. I am currently an enthusiastic user of Lightroom and believe it is the best product available today for my needs. Along with having the best product available today, I want the absolute freedom to move to a better product tomorrow. All of that said, none of us can guarantee that Windows, Mac OS or compatibility with the installable copies of our currently licensed software. Anyone who has spreadsheets from SuperCalc on the CPM OS from 25 years ago assuming you have them on readable media might have a challnege in importing that data.

Probably because the data is irrelevant to me now. The thing that is unique about us in the photography world is that our data is relevant and even sometimes critical to us forever.

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Sure, maybe not EVERY session we shoot has to be ready for a re-order 25 years from now, but we surely as artists are keeping a portfolio and want some key images to stand the test of time. I would encourage everyone to look at the big picture. For most of our sessions, we need to have them around and accessible for 5 to 7 years at best. I am still researching this issue and would love to see this dicussion continue.

Please correct me on anything I might have stated inaccurately here. Thanks so much for commenting and sharing a great perspective! I mean DNG is supposed to be an open format, what gives with all this incompatibility?! I figured that this would be the case across all image editors that support DNG. A note about camera manufacturers: Kodak is a good company to use as a case study. In years Canon could easily be in a similar situation. One last point: Say you processed a DNG in Well Lightroom has gone and released a new process version with Lightroom 4.

Now you can continue to edit under the old process version , but the new process version will produce better results. Do you leave all your photos at the old process version, or manually convert each to the newer process version?

Now keep in mind this is all within the same editing program, Lightroom. And this is a problem all editing programs will have as processing technology advances. I think this changes the way you should look at editing in the future. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts! Maybe JPEG is the answer? Hi Rob, Very valuable discussion.

I am new to raw and DNG. I was hesitating to chose one. I am sceptical to switch to DNG. The later is obvious. Because of this I decided not switch to DNG but continue using raw. I stand corrected on Capture One. My understanting is that there are different type of DNG linear or not and now even compressed. It is a fact that a single file is much simpler to manage and most certainly counterbalance any other marginal benefits you MIGHT get otherwise. And yes, my total library is probably your weekly output, so my challenges are certainly not yours!

I understand how hard the decision must have been! I agreed that DNG is small in size. Lets say after 50 years, Nikon Company is gone. No more support for file captured in NEF in year Its never too late to convert at that time.

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