Burning xbox 360 games on mac 2012

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This extra gigabyte of data makes it impossible to burn or rip a game the traditional way. So how on earth can we burn our fully-legal back-ups that we should rightfully be able to have? Not many people are educated when it comes to the new XDG3 format, or what it does, so that is why we are going to hack it in this Null Byte!

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This guide will be going over how to properly burn back-ups on Windows OS. First, we have to install the ImgBurn software. This is a very advanced disc burning program that allows you to customize all aspects of a burned image. This is perfect for the specific layer-break that we need to burn for Xbox games. The server that hosts our IRC channel has added webchat! So now you don't even need an IRC client, just click this link. You can also follow me on Twitter.

So, there's a way for Linux and Windows, but what about Mac? ImgBurn is Windows only and growisofs is Linux only, but is there a similar program for Macs to use? I'm sure there is, but I don't know it :. Well done man, I think you're ahead of the pack here! Please tell me this doesn't apply to this too! Also in the video tutorial you select the. You only need the.

But yeah, this works, but you still need that drive to rip games. Thanks for the good info! The GitHub driver got it working, but annoyingly not for the game I wanted to play; Steam could use it, but not Dirt3. It would work the Big Picture menus, but refused to start the game, or work with the game at all. Tried everything, remapped buttons, no joy. Works perfect, dual rumble and all, works great with DiRT 3 and Portal 2. And unfortunately, the left stick on my new controller is slightly misaligned, pulls right constantly.

You can see it in the driver test utility; when the stick is neutral position, it is giving some right input. YMMV, good luck!

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I never had tested this with clone controllers — good to know thought that they are not all equal interfacing wise. It could be that you need separate configuration of the D-Pad buttons. Its says no device found though. When I plug the USB controller into the mac the Flashing circles appear on the controller for a second then stop. What have I done wrong? The circle around the Xbox button should light up one quarter of the circle indicating the controller number.

That's not you, right?

Which Mac OS X version are you running? Any ideas, suggestions, or answers. Hi I am using an official wireless controller. This process:. Press the big XBox logo button a.



Press the button on the USB receiver. Press the Connect button on the game controller. From the Microsoft FAQ :. If you have an Xbox controller, try rebinding your controller to the console by pressing the bind button on the console, and then the bind button on the controller. The LEDs will flash and become solid when the binding is successful. If your controller does bind, you have isolated the issue to the Wireless Adapter for Windows. Unplug your adapter, reboot your device, and then plug it back in to another port if possible , and try again.

Maybe this Forum topic might be helpful as well. But in the xBox control panel it says that no device is found. When I plug in my controller the lights flash for a sec and then stop. Any solutions yet? I do not have a wired controller, so I have not been able to test this. You could also try this alternative.

Hope this helps. Thanks for posting a confirmation …. I was having this exact issue as well, running sierra. What did you download from GitHub to get this to work? You can download pre-compiled releases from this link at Github. I noticed that a new release has been made available less than 2 weeks ago — I have not yet tested that one though, but it may address one or the other bug.

If you decide to test it, please let us know how that went! I think in theory this could work. The same process yet not as detailed can be found on the app store, look for Joystick Doctor. It too says the controller drivers can be downloaded from GitHub. I downloaded the driver, to complete installation I restarted my mac. Upon logging back in I checked system preferences the controller icon was there. I started to notice my mac was running slow, web pages took mins to load before it was seconds.

I would advise people to look elsewhere for controller drivers, that being said I highly doubt my comments will be posted on this site. Of course your comment will be posted …!

How to Burn Xbox 360 Games with ImgBurn and ABGX360

On my Mac it runs just fine thought, no slow downs or anything weird.. Did scan with Avast for Mac as well — no infections in the file hosted on Tweaking4All. Everything works fine, I can control de steam menu Big Picture mode. I just wanna play CSGO with my xbox wireless control. Please, Help me.. This is however a game specific issue — support by Steam does not mean automatic support in Steam games. I saw a lot of people saying that can play csgo with a Xbox control however I just saw in windows computer. In the steam forum I saw one guy saying that he could just enabling the controller option in csgo menu.

The only way i found that works is using the Game Companion, but still not so good to play, the jogability is freak. Thanks again for the answer!

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No problem, your English is good enough for me to understand. Let us know how things work out! I used to play CS GO on my macbook pro with a wired controller no problem. It was wonderful but when I updated to El Capitan it stopped working. Ive tried every configuration in the console and multiple drivers and. I just want to play cs go with my controller again. Keyboard and mouse is just to alien to me. Please help! Well, not sure what to say besides: well that sucks! I have not ran into this issue. My controller still works under El Capitan.

I have an Afterglow controller and am trying to use it with my Mac which is running Yosemite. I have all the right things downloaded as far as I can tell and the controller lights up when plugged in. I opened the. Any idea what the problem could be? Am I missing a step? More details here. In all honesty, I have only tried the wireless controller, and that worked with the Steam games I tested. In that case, you could try temporary hooking it up to a PC and see if you get pairing to work.

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